About Us

 The Gujarati school (WHGGS) was established in 1984 by the Watford Hindu Group to teach adults and children the vibrant language of Gujarati.  Culture and values are integrated in our teachings of Gujarati.

 WHGGS Mission and Vision

  • Provide excellent teachers with 75 years collective experience
  • Delivery of a structured curriculum relevant to every age and competency
  • Speaking, Reading and Writing in Gujarati, from foundation to GCSE
  • Creating an enjoyable learning environment about heritage, cultural values and festivals
  • All teachers and volunteers ensure a safe environment for all children
  • Embrace technology to make learning fun and ensure a follow through to GCSE

Our Gujarati School will continue to evolve and implement changes to create a comprehensive and inclusive approach to learning.  Whilst holding traditional values and strengths and incorporating innovative approaches to keep children engaged.

Learn Gujarati with our proven teachers